From Teachers

Praise for Terri Glass

Terri is super professional, and the kids really respect her and her teaching. We had some amazing poems this year, and students love the fact that they can share. ~Mrs. Diaz, Classroom Teacher, Hamilton School, Novato, CA

Terri’s lessons are well-planned, and she teaches in a way that makes my students feel safe to create. I was surprised to see some amazing poems come out of quiet kids. ~Jessica Ferrar, Classroom Teacher, Venetia Valley, San Rafael, CA

Terri is fabulous. She engages with the students and is always positive. ~Suzanne Ford Negley, Classroom Teacher, Gomes School, Freemont, CA

Terri did a great job incorporating required standards into the lessons. ~Tanya Madsen, Classroom Teacher, Hamilton School, Novato, CA

Ms. Glass is encouraging to students and clearly presents poetic opportunities that are age-appropriate, challenging but comprehensible. ~Laurel Howard, Classroom Teacher, Gomes School, Freemont, CA

Terri’s relaxed style matched my own, and my students really enjoyed working with her. ~Tim Sarter, Classroom Teacher, LaTercera School, Petaluma, CA

Terri delivers incredibly effective lessons. The students blossom with her help! My students created such thoughtful creative poems! ~Kimberly Fuller, Classroom Teacher, Lu Sutton School, Novato, CA

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From Students

Professional Poet
     Right about feeling
     You are the best!
     ~Shannon, 5th Grade, Bacich School, Kentfield, CA

Thank you for teaching us how to write poems and how to do similes and how to rhyme the poems and you are the greatest poetry teacher ever. ~Jocelyn, 5th Grade, Hamilton School, Novato, CA

The most magnificent thing is Ms. Glass’s poetry classes. ~Sassy Sammy, 3rd Grade, Gomes School, Freemont, CA

It’s a happy time when the poet enters the class with a joyful face
who teaches us such beauty with loving grace.
Hmmm. Who could this poet be?
She makes us see dreams
and like a jet the words flow in the sky.
Hmmm. Who could this poet be?
Right then we begin to write about animals all around,
our body parts and the different sounds.
Hmmm. Who could this poet be?
Never did I know poems had such beauty,
such power and such life in them.
But who could this poet be?
It is Ms. Glass. Thank you Ms. Glass
for taking time and helping us write poems.
~Akhilesh the Poet, 3rd Grade, Gomes School, Freemont, CA

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From Workshop Participants

I first attended a workshop of Terri’s at the National Association of Poetry Therapy Conference almost a decade ago. Since then, I’ve jumped at the chance to take her other classes. Every time, I learn more about language and nature and the fine web that weaves the two together. If you can take a class with Terri, do it! ~Mary Reynolds Thompson, author of Embrace Your Inner Wild and Reclaiming the Wild Soul

Terri’s workshops provide a special place to explore your inner creativity through words with her as your guide to the natural world. I can’t recommend them highly enough. ~Bruce W. Thompson, Adjunct Professor, Ecological Economics, CIIS

On the Wall
     for Terri Glass
     You have painted
     these walls with poems
     and poet saints
     singing poet songs
     and now
     these walls will speak
     when the lights are out
     These walls will
     tell whispers
     what sacred
     beings lived
     for a little while
     right here.
     ~Silvi Alcivar, Poet

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For Her Leadership

Her constant stream of poetry knowledge, leadership skills, and ability to generate funds is vital to continue poetry residencies throughout Marin County. She is also a wonderful talented published poet who always carries a sense of humor and compassion with her everyday. ~Tina Pasquinzo, Director of Operations, California Poets in the Schools

Terri is a dedicated team player and extremely conscientious person who networks very well with diverse constituencies. She inspires me with her enthusiasm and energy. ~Karen Lewis, Executive Director, Mendocino Writers Conference

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For Her Poetry

Terri Glass’s poetry brings us home. In the lineage of such fine poets as Robinson Jeffers and Alison Hawthorne Deming and Mary Oliver, Terri Glass goes even further than almost anyone else into the energies of the erotic. In her poetry, dualism has died its final death. Whether the poem’s image is that of a collie or a rolling mist or a cricket’s song or a slab of granite, her true subject is always a love that is flooding the world with magnificence, instant by instant. ~Brian Thomas Swimme, Author of Journey of the Universe, Professor of Cosmology, California Institute of Integral Studies

Terri Glass’s poetry follows the path of the fox — quick, bright, immersed in nature, always moving, and full of surprises. I love the world of her poems that range from goofy-playful to uplifting and profound. Her lyrical lines ponder the reinvention of language, the nature of relationships, and the deepest issues of human experience. ~Susan Wooldridge, Author of poemcrazy: freeing your life with words

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For Her Books

An Inspirational Guide for a New Language: Language of the Awakened Heart

Bringing poetry and the timelessness and intelligence of poetry into the lives of children must be one of the most generous things we can do for those who will make and articulate the future. Inspirational Guide for a New Language is a marvelous gift for that future. ~David Whyte, author of The Heart Aroused: Poetry and Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America

An excellent guidebook. Like watering a garden, these poems water the beautiful hearts of our children. ~Jack Kornfield, author of A Path with Heart and After the Ecstasy, Then the Laundry

This is a very inventive and thoughtful book from a gifted poet-teacher and should be enormously valuable to classroom teachers working with kids on poetry. ~Robert Hass, Former US Poet Laureate and National Book Award Winner

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The Body of the Living Future, a Spoken Word & Music CD

Call to Arts! Juried Song Contest Winner 2003 in the category of Vision and Imagination for the spoken word piece ‘The New Body,’ Creative Line magazine

I love ‘The New Body!’ Wow. Terri’s writing dances to the wafting notes of God’s song. ~Stephen Dinan, The SHIFT Network

A passionate fusion of poetry and music! ~Phil Cousineau, Author of A Hero’s Journey and The Soul of the World

Evocative, rich, sensual. ~Peter Russell, Author of Waking up in Time and The Global Brain Awakens

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The Song of Yes

Terri is a poet adept in seeing, acknowledging, and celebrating our interdependency with the cosmos in its entirety. The quality, timbre, and texture of images depicted and passions evoked match and often exceed that of Mary Oliver’s. It is a simple delight to read her poetry that embraces Eros in all its forms. ~Steve Shivvers

These are poems in full blossom, displaying a deep love of nature, a practiced love of language, and an unabashed love of love. Languid and playful on the surface, the poems can quickly turn to breath-catching moments of surprise and flashes of feeling and insight. ~William Carney, Author of Mountain, An Evolutionary Epic

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Birds, Bees, Trees, Love, Hee Hee, a Haiku Chapbook

Glass delivers her crystalline observations of nature — and of being human — with incisive thrust and an unexpected wry humor. Like gems shining with concentrated brilliance, here we find language and insight distilled to the bone. ~Cait Johnson, author of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air and Celebrating the Great Mother

Terri Glass gifts us with unexpected treasure — this lovely collection of inventive, inspiring, and surprising Haiku! Share them with others. Witness your world and the minutiae that make it up. Terri Glass, poet, is a seductive guide for those who would listen and see. ~Robert McDowell, Author of Poetry As Spiritual Practice and The World Next to This One

To look intimately at small moments or creatures is to unfold the infinity in each instant — Terri Glass does this in sinewy rhythms and lush attention. A brief collection but with a range of raptures inside. ~Kazim Ali, author of Sky Ward and The Blue Mosque