Terri Glass BooksPeruse poetry books and chapbooks by Terri Glass below. Topics include spirituality, sensory experiences, and the beauty of the natural world now in decline. Signed copies available on request.

  • Being Animal

    Poems by Terri Glass

    Kelsay Books
    List Price $18.50 (plus $2 shipping & handling)
    Being Animal Book CoverA love for wild nature suffuses this beautiful collection. Poetry can serve no more important purpose than to rekindle our love of those who are wild. ~Derrick Jensen, author of A Language Older Than Words and Endgame
    Terri Glass keenly observes a menagerie of animals from the honeybee to the spotted owl in poems that celebrate their beauty and grieve their loss. Some of her poems reflect the fragile balance between the animal and human world, her longing to be animal and her recognition of the animal inside of her. Finally she reveals what animals teach our culture—a way of being without pretense, guiding us into new ways of fully living in our world.
  • Price: $20.50
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  • The Wild Horse of Haiku

    E-Book by Terri Glass

    Kindle Edition
    List Price $3.99
    The Wild Horse of Haiku Book CoverDelightful and profound. Terri explores the true source of haiku—Japanese spirituality—and follows its evolution from Basho & Buson to Kerouac’s POP American haiku. I love this little book with its wisdom and freedom of a wild horse, inspiring us to dive deeper into our own practice of haiku. ~Susan Wooldridge, author of poemcrazy: freeing your life with words
    This book is a comprehensive look at the beauty of haiku, tracing its literary heritage from ninth-century Japan to modern-day American writers who have experimented with this form. It covers the elements of what makes haiku a complex art as well as the problems and discoveries of interpreting this form into English. From Basho to Shiki, Jack Kerourac to Sonia Sanchez, this book reveals key players who either invented or fell in love with the brevity of haiku. Many example poems are given with a glossary of Japanese words pertinent to understanding the history, elements, and technique of haiku.

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  • Birds, Bees, Trees, Love, Hee Hee

    Haiku by Terri Glass

    Finishing Line Press
    List Price $12.50 (plus $1.50 shipping & handling)
    Birds Bees Trees Love Hee HeeTerri Glass gifts us with unexpected treasure—this lovely collection of inventive, inspiring and surprising Haiku. This delightful form, perhaps more than any other, returns us to the ultimate simple pleasure of reconnecting with the moment and the natural world. You’ll also run smack dab into Glass’s signature wit and humor. Enjoy! Share them with others. Witness your world and the minutiae that make it up. Terri Glass, poet, is a seductive guide for those who would listen and see. ~Robert McDowell, author of Poetry as Spiritual Practice and The World Next to This One
    This chapbook features haiku poetry inspired by themes of nature and love. Terri infuses this ancient form with a fresh contemporary voice, respecting the tradition while carving her own unique path.
  • Price: $14.00
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  • The Song of Yes

    Poems by Terri Glass

    List Price $12.95 (plus $2 shipping & handling)
    The Song of YesThese are poems in full blossom, displaying a deep love of nature, a practiced love of language, and an unabashed love of love. Languid and playful on the surface, the poems can quickly turn to breath-catching moments of surprise and flashes of feeling and insight. ~William Carney, Author of Mountain, An Evolutionary Epic
    In this book of nature poetry, Terri Glass enters into the world of landscape and imagination, and becomes transfixed by the beauty and mystery of what she encounters there. Whether it is a Red-winged blackbird, falling leaf or tidal pool, each is a portal into the place of no space and time.
  • Price: $14.95
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  • Inspirational Guide for a New Language: Language of the Awakened Heart

    Textbook by Terri Glass

    List Price $16 (plus $4 shipping & handling)
    Inspirational Guide for a New Language of the Awakened HeartBringing poetry and the timelessness and intelligence of poetry into the lives of children must be one of the most generous things we can do for those who will make and articulate the future. Inspirational Guide for a New Language is a marvelous gift for that future. ~David Whyte, author of The Heart Aroused: Poetry and Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America
    A ten-lesson plan guide of poetry for teachers that embraces such themes as animal wisdom, joy, generosity, beauty, honoring the heart, peace, praise and forgiveness.
  • Price: $20.00
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  • The Crystalline Lattice

    Poems by Terri Glass

    List Price $7 (plus $1.50 shipping & handling)
    The Crystalline LatticeA 12-page chapbook of poems inspired from poetry of the Sufi masters. Hand-bound with silver ribbon, beautifully illustrated by Michele Rivers makes a unique gift for a poetry lover.

    From the Crystalline Lattice
    My love for you
    is beyond gender,
    beyond the constraints of personality
    beyond space and time.
    It is contained in the marvelous crystalline lattice,
    held by the heartstrings,
    plucked like a harp,
    dipped into the well of clear water.

    We are here for an instant
    and vanish like a snowflake,
    our imprint shimmering against
    the glass pane.
    But the heart, the heart
    it lasts forever.
  • Price: $8.50
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  • The Body of the Living Future: A Poetry and Music Odyssey

    Poetry & Voice by Terri Glass | Music by John Walsh

    List Price $12 (plus $2 shipping & handling)
    The Body of the Living Future CDA passionate fusion of poetry and music! ~Phil Cousineau, author of A Hero’s Journey and The Soul of the World
    The Body of the Living Future is a highly innovative blend of spoken word and contemporary music, which takes you on a journey exploring emotion, sensation, illusion and wakefulness. Twenty poems are woven with the rich fabric of an electronic soundscape where you can hear the colors and taste the sounds, feel the staccato pulse of fish underwater, a fox meandering down a path, a lover’s breath. Each piece moves toward a greater understanding of wholeness, embodying the wisdom of nature, the innate knowing of the body of the living future. Check out audio clips from this CD on the Poems page.
  • Price: $14.00
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  • Unveiling the Mystical Light

    Poems by Terri Glass

    List Price $8 (plus $2 shipping & handling)
    Unveiling the Mystical LightComing across a Terri Glass poem is like discovering violet starfish under a coral reef or a mermaid who dreams of distant hills. ~Tom Robbins, author of Even Cowgirls get the Blues and Jitterbug Perfume
    These are poems of “steady light”, a term Robert Bly created to describe poems of praise, poems that embrace a new form of consciousness. Written in a fluid, sensual style, the author sinks her teeth into both earthly and spiritual delights. Here, one not only finds the beauty of geese in migration or a magnificent field of morning glories, but the looming dark thread of the human condition which is continually brought to light by the power and connection to the natural world.
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